Meghan (the_powerlines) wrote in tolkienites,

Mod post

Hi, everyone. Glad to see the community is getting up and running. I'm seeing good discussion. Just popping in to make sure everybody's read the userinfo, and to make this clear: no intro posts. It's great you've found your way here, and feel free to say hello, but at the end of your post include a question to put up for discussion. Please? Too much introducing and not enough discussing undermines the purpose of the community.

A little word: detoxspongecake and I are big Sam fans. If you're going to be talking about slapping Samwise (shebit...), you'd better be prepared to say why :). And then prepare to run. No, I jest.

I'm preparing a little list of backup discussion questions as we speak. So if nobody else comes up with anything to talk about, I'll be back with some stuff.
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