Nathanael Rouillard (kingnat) wrote in tolkienites,
Nathanael Rouillard

People using Quenya names

I've noticed something out there on the message boards and peoples personal websites: They use Quenya or Sindarin names, but they're getting them wrong, or missing out in important part of the meaning.

Two common ones are Eruanna and Erulisse.
Most people seem to use Eruanna and Erulisse to mean "Grace"
Very few people seem to remember that Eru is (one of) the name(s) of Tolkien's god in middle earth. So strictly speaking it’s "Grace of God" and what's more, Eruanna is actually "Gift of God" (but that's understandable, since the gift of god is the grace of god and vice versa. It's a subtle difference) and Erulisse is "Sweetness of God"

This isn't a post to moan about these uses, merely to draw out an interest in the names and their meanings.

Does anyone else have any that they would like to share?
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