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J.R.R. Fans United in Reading and Discussion's Journal

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6th July 2005

my_world4:14pm: Awesome...
I think it very interesting that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was not a native of England. He was born in South Africa, just as Dave Matthews. Just one of the interesting facts I found out while reading Tolkien and the Great War.
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18th May 2005

wynche3:02am: Post-modern?
Hi all, I just joined and I have a specific question.
Do you think that Tolkien can be considered, in some respects, a post-modern author?
If so, in what way?
If not, then where does he fall in the history of art / literature? He is certainly not your typical modernist...

23rd April 2005

peace_bunny5:39pm: Hello, I'm New!
Greetings! My name is Allegra and I am new to this community. 'The Lord of the Rings' is my favorite book of all time (I consider it to be one book, since that's how Tolkien originally intended it). My favorite of the books is definately 'The Return of the King'. I was also extremely pleased with Peter Jackson's film. I thought it was for the most part very true to Tolkien and just a superb movie with great actors, all of which were perfect for their roles. I am planning on reading more on the history of Middle-Earth (The Silmarillion, The Book of Lost Tales, etc.), but at the moment I'm way too busy with school for pleasure reading, unfortunately :(

Anyways, just so you know a little more about me, I'm a Christian and I love to read, write, draw and hang out with my friends. Some of my favorite things are: books (especially Classic literature), art, strawberry shortcake, Shakespeare, poetry, peanut butter (lol), quotes, horses (although I love all animals), wildlife, mythology, and movies. I'm also a bit of a tomboy and I love sports. Oh yeah, and did I mention I'm very talkative? Well, I hope to be seeing you guys around!
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24th February 2005

marysiak12:40pm: Return of the Convention - Bristol 26-27th 2005
Return of the Convention (http://www.nadobra.com/conv/, 26th-27th March 2005 in Bristol, UK) will be attended by actor and stuntman Kiran Shah. All profits from the event will go to The Red Cross who are deeply involved in current relief efforts after the Asian Tsunami. Other guests are Jed Brophy, Alan Lee and John Howe.

Kiran will be available for autographs to all attendees and will be giving a presentation. We are also excited to be able to offer a stunt workshop with Kiran and Jed Brophy to a limited number of people.

RotC are also offering the opportunity to attend an art workshop with Alan Lee and John Howe and Practical Sword and Shield Wall workshops with LANISTA Ancient Warfare Academy. All workshops will be fully participatory. Other events will include showings of Dominic Monaghan's 'An Insomniac's Nightmare' and the John Howe documentary 'There and Back Again'. See website for full schedule details.

Please pass this info on to anyone who may be interested.

30th December 2004

ripley_lv4268:52am: hello
Im a newbie, well as you can tell. I've read the Lord of the Rings trilogy two times all together, and I still find little things here and there that I never noticed or put together. I hope to be able to talk to people about these books and other tolkien books as well.
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11th November 2004

marilynb9:39pm: Yavanna
does anyone know where i can find pcitures of yavanna???
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11th October 2004

kingnat2:10pm: People using Quenya names
I've noticed something out there on the message boards and peoples personal websites: They use Quenya or Sindarin names, but they're getting them wrong, or missing out in important part of the meaning.

Two common ones are Eruanna and Erulisse.
Most people seem to use Eruanna and Erulisse to mean "Grace"
Very few people seem to remember that Eru is (one of) the name(s) of Tolkien's god in middle earth. So strictly speaking it’s "Grace of God" and what's more, Eruanna is actually "Gift of God" (but that's understandable, since the gift of god is the grace of god and vice versa. It's a subtle difference) and Erulisse is "Sweetness of God"

This isn't a post to moan about these uses, merely to draw out an interest in the names and their meanings.

Does anyone else have any that they would like to share?

21st August 2004

detoxspongecake2:05pm: Hello everybody. I know it's been super dead here lately, but I was wondering...The Most Well Written of Tolkien's WorksCollapse )

Just a little something before school starts...
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26th July 2004

detoxspongecake12:30pm: Tolkien and Death

Greetings, fellow tolkienites . the_powerlines is off being smart at writer's camp, so I am in charge. *Cracks the Proverbial Moderator Whip of Doom at everybody*

Seriously, though, I am so excited that this community is starting to pick up. I'd like to remind the community: Special Note About Lurking: Please don't! Obviously you enjoy Tolkien, otherwise you wouldn't have joined. Talk to us. And that's all I'm going to say on that subject.

Question: Tolkien and DeathCollapse )

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24th July 2004

jenlittlebottom9:23am: For discussion: playing Devil's advocate...
Did Aragorn have a right to take the throne of Gondor?

He descends through both of the sons of Elendil - in direct descent through Valandil, youngest (and only surviving) son of Isildur, and somewhat more distantly from Anarion through Firiel, daughter of King Ondoher.

But is this enough? The last King of Gondor died in T.A. 2050 - it would be almost a thousand years before Elessar took the throne, in T.A. 3019, and three thousand years since any heir of Isildur had ruled Gondor.

Read more...Collapse )

23rd July 2004

the_powerlines4:02pm: Regarding Faramir's Mother
Alright, discussion time.

Many people hold the theory that perhaps Denethor's wife died in childbirth, having Faramir. It doesn't say so in the books, it only says she "died untimely". This would account in part for why Denethor does not love Faramir as he loves Boromir- he resents Faramir for being the reason his wife died. An interesting theory, yes? And one that I used to subscribe to, just because I thought it added yet another layer to the family dynamic.
But then, while rereading ROTK last night, I came upon the following paragraph.

"They were clad in warm raiment and heavy cloaks, and over all the Lady Eowyn wore a great blue mantle of the colour of deep summer-night, and it was set with silver stars above hem and throat. Faramir had sent for this robe and had wrapped it about her; and he thought that she looked fair and queenly indeed as she stood there at his side. The mantle was wrought for his mother, Finduilas of Amroth, who died untimely, and was to him but a memory of loveliness in far days and of his first grief; and her robe seemed to him raiment fitting for the beauty and sadness of Eowyn." --The Steward and the King, p. 940

Now I don't think Faramir's mother died in childbirth. The phrase "of his first grief" would seem to imply that he remembers her death, which he surely would not if he was just a baby. Or does it just mean "first grief" to mean foremost and primary grief, and it has nothing to do with sequence of events at all? In that case, it could just mean that her dying in childbirth was the worst thing that ever happened to Faramir, because it caused so much strife with Denethor.

In the end I have to believe from this paragraph that Faramir remembers his mother, and therefore it isn't likely she died having him. What do you think? It's obviously just a little detail, and it's all speculation, but I'm interested. *prods community* Talk!

21st July 2004

dwarrowchild10:20pm: Greetings all. Thought I might officially introduce myself. I am Rei. ^ ^

I first read LotR late last year and absolutely loved it. I just began my second reading this week; I plan on reading it at least once a year. I've read the Hobbit several times, and am a little more than halfway through Silmarillion, which I'm enjoying more than I'm certain is legal. I also recently purchased Unfinished Tales, though I've only read the parts directly concerning Oropher and the Silvan Elves because... well, I love Oropher.

I'm happy to be a part of this group, and I'm looking forward to the discussions. I do have a topic I want to discuss, but I think I need to research it a bit more first.
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the_powerlines10:07pm: Mod post
Hi, everyone. Glad to see the community is getting up and running. I'm seeing good discussion. Just popping in to make sure everybody's read the userinfo, and to make this clear: no intro posts. It's great you've found your way here, and feel free to say hello, but at the end of your post include a question to put up for discussion. Please? Too much introducing and not enough discussing undermines the purpose of the community.

A little word: detoxspongecake and I are big Sam fans. If you're going to be talking about slapping Samwise (shebit...), you'd better be prepared to say why :). And then prepare to run. No, I jest.

I'm preparing a little list of backup discussion questions as we speak. So if nobody else comes up with anything to talk about, I'll be back with some stuff.

22nd July 2004

shebit1:44am: Introduction to...well...me, really
Hi, I just thought I'd introduce myself, as everyone else seems to be doing so.

I've only actually read LotR cover to cover the once, despite the fact that I own four copies, including the deluxe leatherbound edition. I've dipped in so many times though that I know more than I should from one reading.

I've read The Hobbit a couple of times, but a few years ago. I read the first half again last year, so I've read up to meeting with the Mirkwood elves a little more recently.

Last year I finally got around to reading Silmarillion, and am currently half way through Unfinished Tales, so I'm in quite a first and second age mindset right now. I'm planning on taking a break from Tolkien for a while at least after UT - I feel like I've been reading him constantly for years - oh, wait, I have *g*. Once I've had a rest I'd like to move on to HoME and the Book of Lost Tales.

I spend more time than is healthy browsing the Encyclopedia of Arda.

I've never really been that interested in hobbits - I nearly slept through book 4 - so I'm more of an expert on Men and Elves, and am quite happy to discuss anyone from Turin to Eldarion or from Thingol to Thranduil. Ive got opinions on most areas as long as they don't involve hobbits. Actually, that's a lie - I'm mildly interested in the origins of halflings - are they really Men? Oh, and the other hobbit question I'll always answer is how hard Samwise should be slapped, and how often. Sorry.

Oh, I'm also quite a prolific Tolkien-based writer. I know many Tolkien purists frown on fanfiction, but all (or at least most) of my writing is thoroughly based on canon. I see my writing as a means of exploring Tolkien's world and characters, and it often leads me to a deeper understanding of the characters - their personalities and motivations. If anyone's interested most of my work is on lotr100 (a Tolkien drabble community) or contrelamontre (for my occasional longer stories).

In case you don't already think me slightly odd, I have also studied both Quenya and Sindarin to some degree.

So I'm a geek, what of it?

So, that's me, in a nutshell. I look forward to some interesting discussions here, when I have the time. Thank you, I'm here 'till Thursday.
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21st July 2004

mithlondewen3:07pm: hello!
Hi, i'm Mith, nice to meet you all *waves*

i'm liking the looks of this community. intelligent conversation is much needed among all the fangirly things in the LOTR fandom. not that i don't like fangirly, but sometimes you just need a break, y'know?

right, so i've read LOTR i dunno how many times (i'm reading up ROTK at the moment, actually) and i've read The Hobbit twice. I want to read The Silmarillion next. I tried reading it a couple years ago, but it was too difficult, so i want to try again soon. I was hoping to do so this summer but it seems i have no time surprise surprise *sigh*. I'm holding off reading Unfinished Tales or the History of ME until i've read The Sil, so i'm afraid i'm useless for conversations that deal with anything besides The Hobbit or LOTR...though of course those two could be plenty to keep us busy for months! :)

yeah, so, i'm looking forward to discussing LOTR with you all!!

in fact, i've got a discussion question now if you guys wanna get started. It might be one of those questions that's already been discussed to death, but we need to get this community up and running! :)

Why did Tolkien include the chapter(s) with Tom Bombadil and the Barrow Downs? Of what purpose are they (besides the fact that Merry gets his oh-so-useful sword there)?

In my opinion:
Perhaps it has something to do with the hobbits' innocence, and it represents their transition from Shire hobbits to beings fighting for the whole of Middle Earth. They lose their clothes and gear, they are stripped of everything they know, and Frodo especially has to force himself to fight (which is new for him b/c he's such a scholarly hobbit). Then when they are freed by Bombadil, it's a sign that they can't do it alone, that they need the cooperation of everyone around them. Running naked across the grassy Downs could be like a rebirth. They have no burdens, they're being recreated for a new task, they're given a fresh start.

yeah, so that's my two cents :)

20th July 2004

shadownlite3:59pm: Just thought I would join.
Just posting to say thanks for spamming to advertise this group. It got my attention and made me come over and check things out.

I have read "The Hobbit" 2 times, "LOrd of the Rings" 7 times through (I am making it a yearly read because I enjoy the books so much), and am currently reading "The Silmarillion", and enjoying it.

Tolkein is really the only fantasy writer I read because i have foudn that a lot of other fantasy writers just write knock-offs of Tolkien's stories and call them their own. I know that sounds awful to say but I like things that are very different from the "pack" and when it comes to fantasy books..if the story starts sounding familar...I lose interest.

I hope that you will get many members here and hope to see discussion get started once you do. :)
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detoxspongecake11:51am: We Are Open
Greetings! the_powerlines and I have decided that we are now ready to open the community. I'm guessing a lot of people will join becuase of my psuedo-spam question at lordoftherings. Thank you for the feedback, everyone! Things will probably be mellow for a little while, before any real discussions start. (How many times is "discussion" going to be said in this community? A lot.) If anybody feels like posting, we'd be interested in what you've read, and what you're planning on reading, and any things you'd like to talk about while here.

Thanks again!
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