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Introduction, really

Hi, I just thought I'd introduce myself, as everyone else seems to be doing so.

I've only actually read LotR cover to cover the once, despite the fact that I own four copies, including the deluxe leatherbound edition. I've dipped in so many times though that I know more than I should from one reading.

I've read The Hobbit a couple of times, but a few years ago. I read the first half again last year, so I've read up to meeting with the Mirkwood elves a little more recently.

Last year I finally got around to reading Silmarillion, and am currently half way through Unfinished Tales, so I'm in quite a first and second age mindset right now. I'm planning on taking a break from Tolkien for a while at least after UT - I feel like I've been reading him constantly for years - oh, wait, I have *g*. Once I've had a rest I'd like to move on to HoME and the Book of Lost Tales.

I spend more time than is healthy browsing the Encyclopedia of Arda.

I've never really been that interested in hobbits - I nearly slept through book 4 - so I'm more of an expert on Men and Elves, and am quite happy to discuss anyone from Turin to Eldarion or from Thingol to Thranduil. Ive got opinions on most areas as long as they don't involve hobbits. Actually, that's a lie - I'm mildly interested in the origins of halflings - are they really Men? Oh, and the other hobbit question I'll always answer is how hard Samwise should be slapped, and how often. Sorry.

Oh, I'm also quite a prolific Tolkien-based writer. I know many Tolkien purists frown on fanfiction, but all (or at least most) of my writing is thoroughly based on canon. I see my writing as a means of exploring Tolkien's world and characters, and it often leads me to a deeper understanding of the characters - their personalities and motivations. If anyone's interested most of my work is on lotr100 (a Tolkien drabble community) or contrelamontre (for my occasional longer stories).

In case you don't already think me slightly odd, I have also studied both Quenya and Sindarin to some degree.

So I'm a geek, what of it?

So, that's me, in a nutshell. I look forward to some interesting discussions here, when I have the time. Thank you, I'm here 'till Thursday.
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