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Just thought I would join.

Just posting to say thanks for spamming to advertise this group. It got my attention and made me come over and check things out.

I have read "The Hobbit" 2 times, "LOrd of the Rings" 7 times through (I am making it a yearly read because I enjoy the books so much), and am currently reading "The Silmarillion", and enjoying it.

Tolkein is really the only fantasy writer I read because i have foudn that a lot of other fantasy writers just write knock-offs of Tolkien's stories and call them their own. I know that sounds awful to say but I like things that are very different from the "pack" and when it comes to fantasy books..if the story starts sounding familar...I lose interest.

I hope that you will get many members here and hope to see discussion get started once you do. :)
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