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Welcome to tolkienites. I'm hoping this will grow into a community filled with interesting discussion and insight into the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Please read the rules before posting. If you don't, we can tell (you'd be surprised--really, we can). Save yourself from the embarrassment of being snickered at or having your post deleted. If you can read a work of Tolkien's, you can read one page of community info.

the_powerlines and I (detoxspongecake) moderate this community in an easy-going and approachable manner. Even if these rules seem kind of long, they're pretty easy to follow. If you have any comments or questions about what you're posting, post a comment on one of our livejournals.

1. First off, this is NOT AN ELITE COMMUNITY. There are no applications or voting. If you want to proclaim your eliteness, join lotr_addict. Be aware that this community is not for newbies. We are here to discuss/provide insight into the major written works of Professor Tolkien. (More on that later.) Don't join if you haven't read at least one of his books. (Offhand, if you haven't, I recommend reading the Silmarillion first.) Nobody's interested in answering four times a day what Pippin's last name is ("Took", by the way). If you could find what you're looking for in The Encyclopedia of Arda, don't post asking us about it. (How do you know if it's in the Encyclopedia of Arda? Check first!)

2. What do we want to see posted? Discussion questions are the name of the game. Just make sure they cannot be answered with one word. Also, when you ask a question, provide your own answer or opinion. Articles pertaining to the books are also on topic. Just be aware of...

3. What we don't want to see: icons, quizzes, ads, links to Jerry the Frog, etc. Yes, I know they're all amusing. But you have a personal journal where you can amuse yourself. I also make icons. I know how hard it is to find a venue to display your art, but lotricons would love to have you.

4. How often should you post? As much as you want! I loathe dead communities and want this one to see as much traffic as possible. Be forewarned that you should have something to say before you post. You wouldn't believe the response someone got one day for posting "Hello" and nothing else in lordoftherings. And please, no intro posts. Go ahead and introduce yourself, but add a discussion question in at the end to make it legal. Too many communities out there have post after post saying, "Hi, I'm a huge Tolkien fan! Cool community!" We're trying to make this different. Special Note About Lurking: Please don't! Obviously you enjoy Tolkien, otherwise you wouldn't have joined. Talk to us. I'll get mighty peeved if more people have joined this community than who are watching it. We'd rather you didn't join if all this community means to you is a banner on your user info.

5. What qualifies as a "Major work of Tolkien"? The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and The History of Middle Earth series. I'm also adding Unfinished Tales, due to popular demand. I know the middle two were edited by Christopher Tolkien, but I consider them both Tolkien's writings and ideas, and thus J.R.R. authored them.

6. Spoiler Cuts: I'm debating. This is a community for discussion. But some people haven't read all five works yet. I'm going to say NO spoiler cuts for right now. If you know something might spoil a book for someone, put Spoiler: LotR (or whatever) in your subject.

7.Acts of Snarkiness: We all make mistakes. If someone does something stupid, don't ball them out about it. Flamers and trolls will be deleted, so you should have no occasion to get infuriated with someone.

(Yay! Almost over!) 8. I suck at spelling and typing. Luckily, Livejournal has spell check. Some words might elude it; that's okay. Just make sure it looks like you've made the effort. No netspeak. And use proper punctuation/capitalization, please. About Swearing: Fine, as long as every other word isn't "fuck" this or "shit" that. Nobody wants to read that.

Enjoy yourself and again, Welcome!

About a community banner: We don't have one yet, however, if anyone wants to make one or knows somebody who will, let us know!